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BFF of the Day: Dreamboat Fannie

I met Dreamboat Fannie at the park district pool; her kid was playing “You’ve Got the Cheese Touch” with my kids.

(“Cheese Touch” seems to be some form of tag, inspired by the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” movie. I’m not sure what the significance of the cheese is. But the game is infinitely less annoying than “Marco Polo.”)

Laid-back and sunny, I would have guessed that Fannie was a California transplant. Shows what I know. She told me she was a former fifth-grade teacher – I could see that – and that she’s heavily involved in the roller derby scene in Madison, Wis.

That part took me by surprise. Although really, I should be wondering: Why don’t I know more roller girls?

“I’ve been roller skating since Michael Jackson’s ‘Pretty Young Thing,’” says Dreamboat Fannie, which is not her real name. Heart’s “Dreamboat Annie” is one of her favorite songs, and she insists she has a disproportionately large derriere. It’s not true, though; you’ll recall that we met in our swimsuits, so I would know.


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