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Which pizza reigns supreme?

By Paige Wiser

about-pizza-body-large750xx900-506-0-47The Chicago vs. New York pizza debate started raging as World War II was ending.

Whose pizza is the best in the country? The battles have been savage. Brutal. And above all, greasy.

But there’s been a shocking development in the conflict. The Chicago-New York pizza wars finally have a victor . . .

. . . and it’s San Diego.

That’s according to a survey released from TripAdvisor, which ranked San Diego’s pizza No. 1. New York was ranked No. 4. Chicago didn’t even make the Top 10.

What? How? What?

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What if Chicago doesn’t get the Obama Presidential Library?

February 2013

By Paige Wiser


The Obama Girl could be just one of the attractions at the Obama Presidential Library.

Imagine: distinguished scholars entering the stately entrance of the Obama Presidential Library at the University of Chicago, nodding respectfully at the words carved above in marble in some noble font — Fontenay Fancy, perhaps — immortalizing the legacy of our 44th head of state: “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

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December 2012

27da0b1400000578-3050116-taking_a_good_food_picture_for_instagram_requires_thought_planni-a-12_1430212889456Something has changed about the way we eat, Chicago, and I’m not talking about the restaurants.

Twenty years ago, the only thing elevating our food scene above gourmet popcorn was Trotter, Joho, and Roland Liccioni. Now we have no fewer than half a dozen “Top Chef” stars operating out of Chicago, and we order “crispy pig face and smokey whipped fat back” at Stephanie Izard’s The Girl and the Goat. With a straight face.

Our city has been considered to be in the vanguard of extraordinary eating for a good decade now. You’d think that local diners would have developed a bored, “been there, eaten that” attitude.

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Sinful City

Who us, wholesome? As the new book Gold Coast Madam attests, Chicagoans are not that innocent

From the 2012-13 Winter issue of Michigan Avenue magazine

By Paige Wiser


The Everleigh sisters.

To the rest of the country, Chicago – sexually speaking — is about as wholesome as it gets.

We’re better known for our colorful corruption. For fixing World Series games, say, and raffling off Senate seats. When Republican Jack Ryan finally came through with a real sex scandal, it turned out to be with his own wife, for God’s sake.

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View From the Top: Mellody Hobson

The Ariel Investments president and board chair goes back to school.

From the November 5, 2012 issue of Michigan Avenue magazine

By Paige Wiser

mellody-hobsonTime obeys Mellody Hobson. So when she was asked to chair the non-profit program After School Matters, the head of Ariel Investments found a few hours a day more than the rest of us have.

She already serves on the board of the Chicago Public Library, the Field Museum, the Chicago Public Education Fund, and the Sundance Institute, as well as being a director of the Starbucks CorporationThe Estée Lauder Companies Inc.Dreamworks Animation SKG, Inc. and Groupon. But getting involved with After School Matters was an honor she couldn’t pass up.

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Interview with Rosie O’Donnell

From the December 2011 issue of Michigan Avenue magazine


By Paige Wiser

Rosie O’Donnell may prefer to wear Crocs, but there’s no denying that she cleans up well – provided she doesn’t dress herself.

Her photo shoot at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater goes well for one main reason: The photographer is fast enough to finish before Rosie has exhausted the “Fiddler on the Roof” songbook. Singing, she loves. Glamour?

“I hate it,” says Rosie.

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Movie reviews: ‘Real Steel,’ ‘Ides of March,’ ‘Munger Road’

Paige and Plummer fight to the death about whether rock ’em sock ’em robots are inherently dramatic.

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Movie reviews: ’50/50,’ ‘What’s Your Number,’ ‘Machinegun Preacher’

Paige and Plummer, together again on “Windy City Live.” I liked “50/50” (pictured), but am not actually advising you to go see it.

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What I’ve been doing…

David Plummer and I have been seeing lots of movies and then talking about them on “Windy City Live.” Here’s the link — let me know what you think. (There’s a reason why I hid behind a computer for the first 41 years of my life.)

But I love the show, love the people, and now have a valid excuse to self-tan.

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The Shame Diaries

Life is surreal enough without suddenly earning a global reputation as a screwup.

On June 8, 2011, if you had Googled me, you would have come across some of the writing I’ve done for the Chicago Sun-Times over the last 17 years.

On June 9, all the stories disappeared. They were overwhelmed by results that had some combination of the words “Glee,” “vomit,” “fired” and “ashamed.”

If you want the whole backstory, you can read these columns by Phil Rosenthal and Rob Feder. As it happens, they’re both former Sun-Times colleagues who departed under more pleasant conditions.

Not me. After I’d confessed all to my editors, I was on the brink of melting down in the newsroom into an ugly, quivering puddle of disgrace. So I’d slunk off to catch an express train home. It was somewhere around the Norwood Park station that the managing editor called me, put me on speaker phone, and announced, “Paige, you’re fired.”

You thought of Donald Trump just then, didn’t you? So did I. That’s what I mean; life is surreal.

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